The Dark Knight lived up to every word of hype I’ve encountered over the past two weeks since opening day. I had the opportunity to actually land tickets without too much of a headache. I had anticipated shows sold out for at least a week in advance with over an hour wait in line to jockey for the best seat in the theater. It only took me going online and booking the tickets two days in advance and having to pay the extra $1.65 surcharge per ticket. Then, we had to arrive at the theater 40 minutes early to find a good spot in line and wait. We waited until the gates opened at 6:00 for the 6:30 showing. I really am not complaining; it was well worth the wait in line. We had seats directly in the middle of the upper bowl in the theater; perfect in my opinion. Especially since this was no ordinary screen, this was IMAX. A five story screen that is so large I swore I was going to fall off the building with the bandits as they jumped off of it at the start of the movie!

I’ve been to two other IMAX movies, and I must say, I am a total convert. Yes, the tickets are pricier, but the extra few dollars per ticket are worth the viewing difference from the regular screen. I sat on the edge of my seat the entire movie. I was drawn even deeper into the story, because I felt like I was right there along side Batman as he fought the villians. Every turn he made at high speeds on his motorcycle, I felt I was holding on for dear life. I could almost feel the pain of any bad guy who dared to step in his way. The entire story seemed so alive, I swore I had been in Gotham City myself as I walked out of the theater.

I am not saying it’s right to charge $15 per ticket; I agree it’s a bit steep for the numbers who go to see the movies. Sure, two tickets along with the $8.99 spent on just one large soda and popcorn is enough to feed my husband and I for lunch and dinner for almost an entire week. Sure, it would fill the tank of my ancient Eddie Bauer Explorer long enough to get me around town for a week. But, the prices are still reasonable enough that the average person can afford an occasional evening at the movies; escaping reality with one of the best forms of entertainment I have come across in a long time.

Today’s simplest pleasure:

1.) IMAX movies are a guilty pleasure and a wonderful escape from reality.

*I would love to hear other’s opinions on their IMAX experience, favorite movies, and reviews of any of the new movies that are out there. Has anyone seen the new XFiles movie yet; was it good?