Every day when I get home from work, I rush to my mailbox to see what is waiting inside for me. It is one of the most treasured parts of my day; what am I going to find today? Usually it is an assortment of junk mail or a few bills. Today, I opened the door and found one of my treasured magazines waiting patiently for my eager eyes to read. There is something about a magazine that brings a gleam to my eye and a smile to my face. They may actually be part of the very reason I exist. I live to read magazines, lots of magazines, I get so many different subscriptions my husband thinks I should open a kiosk at the local airport.

The first thing I do is run inside and lodge myself into a corner of the couch. It may sound selfish, but as soon as that magazine is in my hand, I forget about almost everything and everyone around me. I have been known to become so absorbed that I have ignored burning food and smoke detectors. My mission is to sit down and read; do not stop reading until the entire magazine has been read. It is a complete trance that I fall into as soon as I flip open the first page. My eyes dash madly about as I scan the glossy paper, turning quickly through the ads until I get to the editorial section. No word goes unturned. I want to read every tidbit of every article regardless if I agree, disagree, like, dislike what I’m reading. I feel I am getting my money’s worth if I devour the entire publication. There is just so much information out there, I want it to fill my brain and make me a more well-rounded, up-to-date individual. I figure these magazines will give me some good conversation starters or at least tell me how to finally get my hair styled so I can jump out of bed and look as if I spent the day at the salon.

When the magazine comes to the last page, my reading slows, and I wistfully let it fall closed. The mindless entertainment is over, and I must face the real world once again. Until tomorrow when maybe, just maybe, another magazine will be awaiting me at the end of my day.

Today’s simplest pleasures:

1.) Magazines can be a great be a great way to decompress at the end of a long day.

2.) Recycle your magazines. Bring them to work, trade them with friends. Share the happiness and information with others; it will not only save money but it will save the environment.

A list of my favorite magazines:

US Weekly


Women’s Health & Fitness


Cooking Light

Every Day with Rachel Ray

Real Simple


Muscle and Fitness Hers