I received my first diary, a Hello Kitty pink covered book, as a gift from my grandparents right around the ripe old age of 10. From there I was off and running. It was a secret place where I could jot down my preteen thoughts, apprehensions, crushes, and more. Most nights before bedtime I could be found in my room, sitting at my desk, pen in hand, journal open, writing furiously. Often I wrote about something that had happened that very day, usually at school. Other times I wrote fictional short stories. Either way, the writing was a cathartic experience through and through.

Over the years, the diaries changed with me. After Hello Kitty, I found a white plastic covered journal sporting a rainbow on the front, and a lock on the side. My brother, although younger than me, was getting old enough to be annoying and a snoop, so I needed the lock to keep him out of my business. Next came a journal with sections of different colored paper, and a lock of course. With that journal, I would write out of order, choosing to write on whatever colored paper my mood was in that day.

As I entered my high school years, instead of writing down short stories and my emotions, I changed to a more artistic outlet. I developed a quote journal for inspiration. The journal I chose was a basic black hardbound covered book with blank white pages. I cut out pictures of my favorite athletes from my sports magazines and pasted them in the blank pages. Around these pictures, I found quotes from auto-biographies, magazines, or even TV interviews and filled up the journal in no time. The journal would come with me to my hockey tournaments and track meets. I found it be a great source of inspiration and motivation before competition in a time before I had a portable cd player and headphones to bury my ears in.

In college, I was much too busy with studies and sports to continue my journal tradition. The portable cd player was with me at all times; at the track as I sat in the holding area waiting for my race to be called to the starting line. At the rink, the headphones were glued to my ears as I sat in my cubby in our locker room awaiting the last ticking minutes until the zamboni cleared the ice and the warm up music, “Welcome To The Jungle,” started. The creative outlet was missing without the journaling, I missed having a place to share my thoughts.

In recent days, I have started this blog, and have found the creative juices to be flowing once again. Some days it is hard to come up with a story, but most days the words flow freely from my fingers. I am having fun reminiscing and using the modern technology to help me portray my thoughts. I realize that I can’t be as open as I would if I was writing in a personal journal, but at the same time, I feel fairly comfortable sharing as much as I have, because I feel my viewers can relate to my experiences. I find it just as fun to visit other’s blogs and websites, to see the various types of people and their ideas that are out there. For those who have never owned a journal or a blog, I challenge you to find some form of creative outlet, a place to publish your views and perspectives, because it is a rewarding and personal experience we each are entitled to.

Today’s Simplest Pleasures:

1.) Writing is a wonderful creative outlet where we can express our feelings and emotions freely.

2.) Journaling and blogging can take many different forms; find one that works for you and go with it.