Hi! My name is Sharon, it’s nice to meet you, and I welcome you to my site.  I am a 20-something professional who works in the healthcare field.  I love sports in general, but I participate in running, ice hockey, and weight lifting.  I currently call home Grand Rapids, MI where I rent a home with my wonderful husband, Josh.  We do not currently have any kids or animals, although we like them! Other hobbies I enjoy are movie-watching, relaxing with a good book, fishing with my husband, and conversation over a good bottle of wine.
I have been reading other people’s blogs for the past year now, mostly the health/nutrition ones: eatlikeme, Kath Eats Real Food, Eat Live Run, and Gliding Calm.  I had been asked if I was ever going to start one of my own, but I knew I didn’t want to carry a camera with me at every meal like the gals on those websites do! I wanted my blog to be different than all of the other “typical” blog topics that are out there, so I have decided to start a blog about all of the positive things that I find in my every day life; hence the title, Smell The Roses.  My goal is to be introspective each day and post those things that make my day a happy one or reflect on past events that continue to have a positive impact in my life.

Why would anyone want to think about positive ideas and write them down each day you may ask? I had found myself dwelling on the negative lately, and even those around me noticed I was complaining about various things a lot.  I have so many great things to feel blessed for in this world, but the small things that irritate me quickly added up and easily made me lose my focus on the good life that I have.  I want to embrace all the good things around me that help make my life, well, good!  I hope the simple pleasures that I share will spread the happiness and positive energy to others who read the blog.  My goal is that the viewers of Smell The Roses will continue this cycle and pass the good feelings onto those they come in contact with.   I know I sound like corny optimist, but with all of the negativity in this world, there has to be a few positive people out there to keep the moral up! Enjoy and thank you for blogging with me…